The Best Flying Drones - How Police Use It

As drone technology has improved in the last few years, criminals are finding creative ways to use the best drones to break the law.

From trying to smuggle contraband into prison to invading people's privacy, criminals are turning to cheap drones to get their work done.

There was a story earlier this year when a man painted his drone black, taped over the lights and attempted to fly the drone over a jail wall. He had attached a small stash of drugs to the bottom of the drone via a hook. He thought making the drone stealthy would avoid detection.

One of the Best Drones

However, he was not so lucky as he was jailed for 14 months for the offense. Just as drones have advanced in technology, so are the police making strides to prevent people from using them to commit crimes.

And this wasn't an isolated incident. Many people around the world are buying drones, which have become so cheap over the years. Criminals have suddenly found that these little quadcopters could help them in their criminal quests.

Offenses range from trying to smuggle illegal goods into restricted places, using drones to try and spy on people (often in an attempt to get nude photos using camera drones), disrupting the operations of the emergency and security forces, interfering with commercial airlines and scaring animals, the list is very long.

How do you find the owner of the drone when there's only the drone to work with?

It is not easy to find who is flying these drones. Because of how cheap they've become and how easy they're to fly, pretty much anyone can go out and buy one. Additionally, authorities are finding it difficult to come up with legislations that keep up with the activities of the criminals.

For this reason, many police departments are now employing drone forensics experts. This is becoming more popular. These detectives have only one job, to try and locate the owners of rogue drones.

The Growth of Drone Detectives

A drone with camera

A few days ago, it was reported that British police and prisons department would be spending up to $4 million to establish a task force whose sole job is to prevent criminals from flying contrabands into jails using the best drones.

You will think they've bought drones to just smuggle drugs into jails but this is not the case. Drones have been used in attempts to smuggle other contraband such as mobile phones, hacksaw blades, DVD Players, Knives and much more. Some of the best drones and even the cheaper ones can fly very high, making them easy to get over walls.

And the wall is no longer good enough to keep prying eyes out. Drones equipped with cameras and microphones have made it easier for people to try and spy on others in the privacy of their homes.

If you've got a drone like the DJI Phantoms, you can fly it over long distances and control it remotely. You can hover over someone sunbathing in their backyard and take photos of them without them even knowing.

In order to catch criminals using drones to break the law, it is important to identify the pilot of the drone.

But it is not easy to do this. The police were lucky to have caught the guy who tried smuggling contraband into a UK jail. He was captured together with his drone and the mobile phone he used to control it. But they were lucky in this case. So how do you find out who is the pilot when only the drone is captured?

Some of these drones are very cheap so the criminal simply abandons them when they don't want to be caught.

Drones do are not only used to try and commit crimes but they can also cause personal injury. When flown over large gatherings such as a sporting event, a concert or a protest march, there is always a risk that the drone could crash into people.

This fear was realized when a drone crashed into a building and dropped, hitting a woman at a pride march event in Seattle. She had a concussion for several weeks.

Drones also have sharp blades that can cause serious damage if it comes into contact with a person.

Drone forensics use techniques such as lifting fingerprints and DNA evidence of the body of the drone itself to analyzing the flight data to try and identify where the drone flew from.

There are cheaper and powerful drones for sale out there. And they have never been more popular than they are today. If you want to buy a drone, you'll have to also be careful how you use it. It is not a wild wild west out there and there are consequences for your actions as a drone pilot. So be careful and just enjoy your drone without spoiling it for everyone else.

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